Law General Practitioner: Between Kabuki and Harajuku Style


Oleh : Nazra Fairusha Arrusyda

In Indonesian there’s two type of law general practitioner. Notary, well-known occupation of private law student who could reach by continued a special education . Nowadays, i wear my degree as a Magister of Notary for protect me in future challenge of economic law. As my dream is becoming a great practitioner. I live in beautiful city in the edge of Sumatra Land named Bandar Lampung. My platform now is enterpreneur. I got my superlative degree from Diponegoro University.

When i was at PSBH, I am one of woman who hold the event. I was founded and once become master of ceremony in Advocate Office Launch. The name of its practicy if i’m not wrong, Muhammad Ridho. A lot of thanks and such a honour placed in the middle of the event. Lawyer, name of general practitioner who really heavy educated and wants to be rich just like an advocate of public figure. But no one knows that they discredit Notary.

Holland the country which is the first notary was born. Melchior Kerchem, secretary college van schepenen in Indonesia. And you know what? That she could brings salary on take home pay for one month is dozens million. Only exist 2 dutch notary in Batavia,Their trigger is from 17th century, worked for “Oost Ind Compagnie” .

Back to the main idea, I really amaze everything about law. My basic education is Private Law. There’s no connectivity about kabuki and harajuku, indeed. Harajuku is named of one stylish yet lovely style that ever booming on 90’s, and kabuki is in a girl that provides service until now at Seoul.

Harajuku defines a Notary, why i say that? It’s just a joke. If you walk into a law faculty, every girl is in style. Ministry of Law and Human Right issued a rules of minister Number 25 Year 2017 which apply for a while and stop by Supreme Court of Decision.

Some of the terms kabuki are absorbed into the Japanese vocabulary, for example:

Sashigane on the stage if necessary a scene involving kabuki actors chasing butterflies or birds, a maid called Kōken (assistant on the stage who often dressed in black) holds a long stick that ends with a butterfly or bird called Sashigane. In Japanese, the term “sashigane” is used in the negative connotation of “the person in control”. The romance in that kabuki stage is the night expressed with a black curtain (kuro). In Japanesse, the term “Sekai No Kuromaku” (black curtain world) the word “kuro” (black) changes the meaning of being evil. In Japanese “kuromaku” means “mastermind” as in the sense of “criminal mastermind”.

I think Kabuki in this article could defines an advocate. Not everyone of them who doing some business just like that Corean Artist. But the world of lawyer is full of intric. “Every animal with 4 legged is accepted, except a table”. This adagium is legal for cultural lawyer. May all the court ahead not being spotted with this kind of practitioner.

In my life, i just want to live for make my parents happy and proud. The “it” motivation to be notary is my Lord first. Being happy and succes is my higher destination. I ever going to our neighbor country Singapore but i failed to spend my night at hotel. We’re go back to Batam, Indonesia. So, i conclude that high living cost at Singapore caused of highest licensing of notary there.

How come? Indonesia with a thousand of archipelago defeat by a small country named Singapore. Meanwhile, property especially hotel in Indonesia much more fancy than in their region. We could spend more benefit with original taste and of course with the integrity of human here.

Have you ever heard about doctor as a general practitioner? Harajuku, i think can solve the problem of human right oppression. I thought that there is a hook between physic and soul. In the first paragraphed, i offend about general practitioner itself. Land physically has a soul and soul definetly goes to the master own.

My childhood moment was spent in West Lampung, Indonesia. According to me, the winter is beyond fun. Playing a snowman, put and throw the snow ball. Like a heaven on earth. Though, i never feel them. Anyway, law enforcement at Indonesia was so mess. I think every social forum and act doing a fraud. Rules of community organization was abolished. Advocate as agent of change cannot be dispute.

If i were an advocate, i will responsible for them. I’ll present the best legal assistance and being the problem solver. Everyone must be remember about Novel Baswedan, commisioner of KPK. He was splashed by water mercury after Shubuh pray. He compliant his case with the other. I really having curiosity who take the terrible action.

I’ll get in touch my PSBH friend of wedding party tommorow. Thanks god i’m surrounding by sincere people like them. Talk about Japan, and Republic of Korea (South Korea), Korea is the 9th largest trading partner of the EU and the EU is Korea’s second largest export market. Both have signed a free trade agreement that has been in force since the end of 2011.

Education is one thing that i couldn’t despise very important things. I heard that PSBH would face a National Moot Court Competition immediately. I hope you can do the best for each delegation.

Our lord creates us to become a useful person. So we cannot being silent until we found the pathway. I get used to struggle until become recognize. Actually, motivation always stay in every situation around us. But the difference is whether we could make it or not. Spread your spirit to the others but don’t forget to living their life too.

I have visited my almamater recently. Indonesia in the near future will face election. If you feel like country not siding pad with you. Perhaps, Asia and Europe have some space to continue the education. I’ll learn about tribe, religion, segregation in scope of law. Many country develop his power through policy.

In the end of 2020, I believe that Indonesia could change status for developing country and step forward to kick another country. The cold war could be dimmed, and world society lifes in prosperous.

Profil Penulis : Nazra Fairusha Arrusyda.

Alumni Fakultas Hukum Universitas Lampung, Jurusan Hukum Perdata 2008.

Pekerjaan: Praktisi Hukum.


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