Opening the recruitment for delegates of Asia Cup Moot Court Competition 2019


If you interested to join the delegates or the research team, please kindly fill our form which located at the end of this announcement! ?
We would open the recruitment from 9th april, 2019 until 16th april, 2019.
Applicant requirements:
-must be PSBH member
-for batch 2017 and 2018
Asia cup is the first step to select jessup moot court competition delegates, so if you want to be jessup delegates, you must join asia cup first ?
For more information, please contact our contact person down below!
Fadel Ramadhan (@ajfadelr)
Karlos Ivory Butarbutar (@karloss)
Registration form:

P.s in the registration form, if you can’t read the case law you can zoom in the screen size

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